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Morgan Sono is a boy born back in 1997, August 3rd. He loves to skateboard and play video games. Just a ordinary 7th grade student.


Week 2 Reflection

Weekly Check-in Blog Post Template

Copy the template below into your weekly check-in blog post, and replace all the italicized text (including this!) with your own information and reflections. Title your blog post “Weekly Check-in: Date 1-Date 2”, where “Date 1” is Monday and Date 2 is Friday of the week you are covering.

Don’t forget to categorize your post under “Theatre” and tag it “thirtyreasons”.

Weekly Goal:

What specific tasks did you attempt to complete this week?

Day 1:

On day 1, we timed our plays to see how long our part would take. NOt only that however we also practiced our lines while waiting for our turn in the back. Mr. Elliot helped us time it so that it was exact.

Day 2:

On day 2, we didn’t have class because of the Mission Portfolio meeting.

Day 3:

On day 3, we went to put the chairs, tabels, and basket to where they should belong for the international food day.


This week, I didn’t really get to practice my lines except for Monday. This is because I have been doing other things like mission portfolios and setting up for the food and fun fair. I can proudly say however that I practiced my lines when I had the time so I think I should be good. I however would also get a chance to do lights because I am a very technical person ad at the same time, I’ve also done it before so I feel pretty confidant about it. 

Next Week’s Goals:

What specific task or tasks will you try to accomplish during next week’s classes?

Next week, I would like to completely memories my lines so that I am all set for the play.

Morgan’s preperation for Variables and Patterns test

Please post a blog describing your readiness for the Variables and Patterns test – how ready are you?  what things do you need to remember?  what areas, if any, are tricky for you, what questions do you hope to find on the test, what questions do you hope are not on the test, etc.  When you are done you can do one of two things:

How ready am I and what do I have to remember?

  • I am not that prepared however I am prepared for my confidence inside me.
  • I need to remember to make sure  I study and do the best.
  • Make sure to have clear examples. (ex. graphs, tables, etc.)

Concern areas

  • Differentiate, describe and continue geometric and arithmetic sequences.
  • Describing relationships between variables in words.
  • Analyzing graphs and draw conclusions about relationships between variables.
  • Use a line of best fit to summarize data.

Things that I’m good at

  • Substituting different values of a variable into an equation.
  • Make predictions based on graphs.
  • Using algebraic symbols to write equation to show relationships between variables.

1.  Do the V & P practice test

2.  Do the Golden Ratio web quest(ette)

Bucky vs. Tony

Tony vs. Bucky

Tony on Ice air Sin- Francisco

Bucky vs. Tony

Bucky on mega ramp in x games

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